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Day 1 of Trip,Las Vegas: Hello everyone! Every year on the month of April,my family and i go to Las Vegas for my mom's team's soccer tournament. The tournament always starts from friday and ends on sunday. I'am currently in the hotel near the park my mom's team is going to play in for the tournament. For today all we are going to do is settle into our hotel room, wait for the others to arrive and rest for the next day.See you guys tomorrow.

Day 2 of Trip part 1,Las Vegas: Hello and Good morning to everyone! It's currently 7:15am where my mother's team wakes up early to go sign up for the tournament the first game always starts early and there are only three games for today if we win every games we advance to semi final I will update the blog to notify you guys if we won all three games.See you guys later

Day 2 of Trip part 2,Las Vegas,time-3:45pm: Hello everyone welcome back to the Blog! So today My mom's team has won only two games and tie one of the games so that means we still go to semi finals but that game is for tomorrow if we win semi finals we go to finals and if we win finals we win the trophy of the tournament.For now we will all go back to the hotel

Day 2 of Trip part 3,Las Vegas,Circus Circus hotel and Casino,time-7:30pm: Hello everyone! Earlier i posted my second part of day 2 trip in Vegas so now after we relaxed my mom's team always go to the strip to walk around and see the interesting buildings of Las Vegas while we are on the way my mom drops off my granpa and grandma off with me and other person that wants to come along. Whoever joins me and my grandma and grandpa is usualy kids, the kid and i go to the arcade to win some games and prizes after that we watch the show that has gymnastics and magic tricks entertain people the show has sections which has a time limit to the show and they always put the time for when the show will start and end.After that we wait for my mom to come and pick us up from the casino then we go to the hotel and rest for the next day.See you guys tomorrow

Day 3 of trip,Las Vegas,time-6:30: Hello and good morning to everyone! So we just got up and today if we win the game today we advance to finals and after that we pack our bags and go home I will update the blog if we won the game and i will see you guys later.

Day 3 of trip part 2,Las Vegas,time-4:30: Hello everyone! So my mom's team won both games which means we win the trophy so we are on our way home so it was a fun trip and all so now we are coming back home so thank you to all who read and waited for this blog and feel free to check out my other blogs and i will see you guys in the blog bye. Other blog

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