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Welcome to My Dragon ball Z Triva

Dragon card 1

How long does a fusion dance last?

30 minutes

Dragon Card 2

How long has Dragon ball anime been around for?

18 years

Dragon Card 3

What planet did Frieza destory in the frieza saga?

Planet Namek and Planet Vegeta

Dragon Card 4

what super sayian was revealed in the Majin buu saga?

Super Sayian 3

Dragon card 5

What was the name of Vegeta's sacrifice

Final Explosion
The next questions will be from the new series Dragon ball Super this doesn't contain spoliers

Dragon Card 6

What was the name of the God of destruction

Beerus or bills

Dragon Card 7

What was the name of the legendary assassin in the champa saga


Dragon Card 8

What was Whis's identity called by the kai

An Angel

Dragon Card 9

what was the name of the sayian from the champa saga


Dragon Card 10

What is my favorite charcter in the Dragon ball anime?


Dragon Card 11

Who was the first super sayian(s)?

Bardock and Broly

Dragon Card 12

What is the Ultimate super sayian?

super sayian blue

Dragon Card 13

What was the first fusion's name?


Dragon Card 14

Who was mutated enemy in Dragon ball z fusion reborn


Dragon Card 15

What happens to sayians that stare at the moon too long?

transform into a Great Ape

Dragon Card 16

who stole Goku's body in Dragon ball super


Dragon Card 17

What name was given to Zamasu after he stole goku's body

Goku black

Dragon Card 18

Who came from the future to warn goku and vegeta about Goku black

Future Trunks

Dragon Card 19

There were two fusion that happen during this battle what were the fusion called

Merged Zamasu and Vegito

Dragon Card 20

Who killed Merged Zamasu

Future Trunks

Dragon Card 21

Who rules all 12 Universes

King of all
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