Welcome to BLACKJACK

Hello every and Welcome to javascript session 4 today we will be playing blackjack their are three games in total for you to have a chance to win. Go ahead and try it out.YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE TWO PLAYERS TO PLAY THIS GAME.

RULES:If you click on "hit me" you have to click on total2.If you don't want to get a hit click on total.Once you and the dealer have come to a agreement click the "winner" button to see who won.Also you can only hit once.The person on the left is dealer the person on the right is player.



This is all the time i have for today i will see you guys in the next session.How did i do this you might ask? Well click this pic to see the codes codes.html if this link doesn't work here is another one here i will see you in the next Session.