Welcome to take back October

We heard that you wanted the job so welcome to the job,this job is only for october or when they get out of town and i am talking about the clowns I will tell you the story.

The season of that year where parents and kid go trick or treating on Halloween night but lately there has been a new trend i America today a clown trend in America lot of things can happen but clowns aren't one of them

Recently there has been sightings of clowns that carry weapons to haunt or chase people they could be anywhere at anytime in daylight or nighttime as our job is to drive these clowns or get these clowns to stop this game.

Their are so many clown sighting that i can't find so i will put a link to youtube and that way you can see the many videos that people have uploaded i will warn you that these sightings are very creep.

Clown sightings 1 Clown sightings 2 Clown sightings 3 Clown sightings 4

As a careful warning to people who are hunting for clowns,their are clowns that carry weapons like machetes,chainsaws,brooms,knifes,bats etc...., these clowns have put some schools on lockdown so not all people are clowns some people just try to get attenttion like this fake clown guy.

These clowns that have appeared and frighten people but other clowns get a worldwide smackdown with at least 4 or 5 people ganging up them and it's just funny to see and here in a link to these clowns getting beat up.

I will say that some of these clowns may have a partner with them I can't predict if they have weapons or a partners

So for everyone that lives near a clown sighting Be careful at night and Stay safe and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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