Welcome to my meme face Pumpkins

Where the Pumpkins we sell have meme faces carved into it We notice that you wanted to apply for the job so you got the job here is are own Staff team


The man who is the brains of memes faces he has experiance with carving pumpkins and using them as pranks

Frank(sad frank)

frank is our meme face mail man delivering us meme faces that supporters mail us if it's good we carve it if it's not we will still make them


Joe is a well determined person who makes new memes all day ever day and they are always funny but he doesn't like to show his face


Alex is our computer manger he searches for a lot of meme faces a that are very hilarious and even sells t-shirts with our meme faced pumpkins

We are happy that you have joined the team and also HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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